The Davidson Group

Who We Are

DSC_3739THE DAVIDSON GROUP is an independent well-managed company run by a successful woman who attracts good people who work as a team—not a large unwieldy impersonal firm where nobody knows your name.

Gay Davidson has personally trained and hand picked her full-time team of the best sales experts in the area. Her firm has been servicing Southeastern Pa for over 34 years.

Our Philosophy is to have a staff of 100 percent full-time career agents—agents who are the best in the business, agents who are responsible for our record number of referrals, that make up 90% of our volume. It’s easy to have 40 agents—it’s not easy to attract the best.

The Davidson Group brings a bright, fresh, new approach to the residential resale market. We have the ability to be flexible, make quick decisions and can adapt to make your real estate transaction work for you. Our marketing program is not only technical, but creative and aggressive. Our Reputation is based on performance and service.We love what we do and firmly believe that whether you’re buying or selling a property, your real estate transaction should be pleasurable, exciting and profitable.