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  • No Franchise or Monthly Fees
  • No Corporate Hierarchy - Quick Decision Making
  • Real Estate Attorney on Staff to Answer Legal Questions
  • Full-Time Office Manager
  • Flexibility - Commissions are Negotiable and Paid within 3 Days of Settlement
  • Concessions - Any concessions made on a sale or listing are shared with the office!
  • Listing Calls - Agents Listings are Referred to the Listing Agent, Unless Directed Otherwise
  • Marketing - Office Provides FREE Promotional Material
  • Conveyancer - Handles Paperwork and Conveyancing
  • Desk and Supplies including Copier, Printer, Fax available for FREE
  • Broker and Team Members Available for Support and Guidance

Work With Us

When you call us, you get a real, live knowledgeable person. No waiting, no holding, no transfers, no disconnections. We'll help you immediately and with pleasure. Reach out to us today!